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jakiboy gamer

2019-07-19 15:56:16 | Profile
these nut cases never made any money until 1971/72 all went on paying for hotels and new intruments and dirty filthy bad management.long live the who

Thaila Erpen

2019-03-01 19:00:10 | Profile
For my sins as a cab driver I used to have a regular run taking kids who had been thrown out of mainstream schooling for behaviour issues to a specialist unit. They were all boys all under 12. I used to BLAST this out of my car stereo & they LOVED it! I swear my old Ford Focus used to go as far side to side as it did in a straight line going down the A127!

juan cruz moretti

2019-02-22 07:36:55 | Profile
Now, listen to their song "The Seeker"

Phil Malley

2019-01-15 19:32:37 | Profile
Camped out for tickets...centre floor seats. 19 years old, just had the army replace my elbow. Got mistaken IDed waiting in line busted all my stitches held my in a cell for the whole show then sent me on my way memories peace


2019-01-14 06:19:23 | Profile
One of the greatest songs in rock history.

HoneyLove Bliss

2019-01-07 22:20:37 | Profile
THIS could end up being the Brexit song.


2018-12-28 22:12:40 | Profile
European commission wount be fooled again

Manuel Dias

2018-12-28 16:11:21 | Profile
As well as everybody else myself included

Manée Villagrán

2018-12-22 07:45:44 | Profile
Charles Darwin is Jesus reincarnated I think maybe

walterNZ J

2018-12-20 18:54:54 | Profile
the rest of this planet is a fool playing themselves out no school work for them

Onmylevel 6

2018-12-19 06:30:55 | Profile
2.3k clueless people


2018-12-18 23:57:24 | Profile
This masterpiece still SENDS ME!