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Григорий Б

2019-02-07 15:34:56 | Profile
What the fuck happened to music man......

Francesco Donadio

2019-01-24 01:58:36 | Profile
Have you noticed the element of American Indian in this song?


2019-01-24 00:56:02 | Profile
This is such a cool song love to play it on my guitar. Glad I found it.

Shirley Bone

2019-01-23 19:58:52 | Profile
I never ever ever ever get tired of the Neil. Thank you. Excellent call.


2019-01-23 11:51:51 | Profile
Just looking at Neil Young videos for the first time. Had no idea I knew a few of his songs growing up... THANK YOU SEAL, for singing this live IN Paris and setting off a distant memory.... what a gift to rediscover!

Mike Cornie

2019-01-23 06:51:04 | Profile
The absolute best year for Neil. This high-quality recording of the Massey Hall concerts capture his brilliance with such clarity. Listen to the CD (not a crappy MP3) with headphones.


2019-01-23 05:41:10 | Profile
An acoustic masterpiece !

Tomasz.R. Kordel

2019-01-22 21:44:20 | Profile
Neil Young is a force in folk, rock, guitar work, vocals, and songwriting whom I am forever grateful and I know millions of other music fans feel this way..........

Ion Ionel

2019-01-22 19:24:51 | Profile
Hip. Peace. Cool man. This cat is immortal.