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2019-04-29 07:59:51 | Profile
My son just had a baby girl and this song is so much my son tough little boy

Better call SAUL

2019-03-21 22:04:18 | Profile
thumbs down shame on yoy

Ashteroth Svavla

2019-01-23 07:27:28 | Profile
Love and miss you dad!! Cant wait for you to see and hold both of your grandbabies next christmas!!

Irina Schutz

2019-01-21 16:02:43 | Profile
Great underated. Peace bro

Gee Fabriso

2019-01-15 22:22:59 | Profile
That home coming scene hit me hard. I remeber when my dad came home in 03, mama put us to be early and woke us up really early in the morning, we got to a big hanger with benches and everyone had signs, i watch my dad get off that plane and we all met in the hanger. My dad cried, we cried, and on the way home my dad flipped the seat around while mama drove home as the sun came up and my dad was showing us all the stuff he brought back, and among those things where animal figures cut out of stone. I still have my turtle from 15 years ago. I will never forget that.