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lost goose

2019-09-12 01:35:51 | Profile
Right i fought in iraq i served in the marine corp

Eduardo Guzman

2019-07-27 04:21:04 | Profile
if you want peace prepare for war!


2019-01-23 17:00:53 | Profile
:39 Oh my god its harrison ford

Ashteroth Svavla

2019-01-18 06:00:06 | Profile
john fogherty even said this was about rich kids who were able to dodge the draft, meanwhile everyone else had to go

ElijahEjTurbo Russ

2018-12-29 05:41:45 | Profile
im one of those people born to the red white amd blue ill fight till the end for this new generation to keep surviving and we wont let you people down long live america and the music that keeps us driving

Melvin Slog

2018-12-15 15:48:38 | Profile
Thumbs up if i should tell both these guys why these pictures belong there

Karen Moudy

2018-12-12 18:44:55 | Profile
I hate how people compare iraq to vietnam. I served in iraq and I am proud to have served there. My dad served in vietnam and is proud he served there too. But he had it way worse than I did. Iraq was bad no doubt about it, and may all my brothers and sisters who were killed may they rest in peace, but we lost over 50,000 us servicemen in Vietnam.